Weekend To-Do

I’ve made a to-do list out of some of the most exciting things I found on the web this week, enjoy!

To Eat

  • Smitten Kitchen is my favorite go-to website for recipes and I am dying to make this carrot cake. I love a simple carrot cake and in my mind Deb Perelman, the genius behind the site, can do no wrong.
  • A Goop pop-up is coming to Highland Park Village on November 17th. Technically this isn’t over the weekend, but it’s too major not to post now. The month-long pop-up will feature foods from Gwyneth Paltrow’s newest cookbook, It’s All Good.

To Play

  • Adidas has just launched an app called miZX FLUX, which allows you to put any picture of your choosing on a pair of Adidas! It’s a new way to totally customize sneakers, which enthusiasts will love. I can’t wait to see these out on the street.
  • Homecoming! It’s my final Homecoming weekend in college and even though it’s freezing, I’m excited to get out on the Boulevard on Saturday!!

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