Easter Weekend Recap

Easter weekend was filled with activities for me this year! Andrew and I went to his house in Pennsylvania, which is one of my favorite places in the world because it is so quiet and beautiful. I had a lot of time to relax and make everything I wanted to this weekend – which was a lot.


The first thing I made when I got to Pennsylvania were these gold foil eggs. I got the idea and the how-to from Martha Stewart! I was really nervous that it would be hard to do, but it was so simple and fun that I could have made DOZENS. Next year, expect to see a lot more of these.


Easter morning, I also took it upon myself to make apple cream cheese rose tarts that I found on Pinterest. Like the eggs, these looked insanely complicated until I watched the video and realized that I could absolutely do this! You don’t have to let anyone know how easy it is to make these because it looks HARD and people will be impressed.


They were delicious and I honestly can’t wait to make them again. I’m going to start experimenting with different fruits and fillings; this is definitely my new go-to breakfast treat!


Any weekend in Pennsylvania would be incomplete without a trip to Callie’s Candy Kitchen – candy mecca in the Poconos. I loaded up on chocolate covered pretzels, “Easter bark”, and (my favorite) potato chip bark, then filled my makeshift Easter basket (aka this adorable Anya Hindmarch hehe). What were you up to this Easter weekend? Let me know if you try to make these apple tarts – they’re amazing!


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