NYC Staycation Day 1

A few weekends ago some of my blogger besties and I had a staycation in NYC. We explored some of the best restaurants, gyms, and stores the city has to offer and I have been dying to share these photos with you all! The weekend was organized by the amazing Azadeh, her blog is AMAZING and perfect and cute just like her, so you should all subscribe and follow :). We were joined by Alyssa, Olivia, Meg, and Tarah, who are all gorgeous and insanely talented; you would be missing out by not giving their blogs a click too. 

We started our day at Little Cupcake Bakeshop to meet up and go through the swag bags that were so generously gifted to us! These bags were seriously no joke—the totes themselves were from Deux Lux and contained goodies from Capsul Jewelry, Beauty Unboxed, Tula, Lilah B, B Floral, Bare Republic, Coola, Wen, and Whimsy Fashion
After the unboxing, it was time to head to our first event: a private shopping experience at Credo Beauty, officially my favorite place to get makeup/skincare/everything in NYC. The girls who were working answered all of our questions and then some, and opened my eyes to some new skincare brands. I’ve been using a goop eye cream and a Josh Rosebrook exfoliating mask that have really changed my game; my skin has been glowing!
Once we were out of Credo, it was onto brunch at Oficina 1M, which you can read allll about here. I loved the vibe there (especially tequila shots in teacups) so you can probably find me there any given weekend. 

After brunch, we were off to Bloomingdale’s for a styling session with a dating expert from Last First. Last First, for the uninitiated, is a dating service for professionals who simply don’t have time to (or don’t want to) get carpal tunnel swiping left and right all day long. The goal is for your first date through the service to be your last first date..cute, right? 
We were put into teams and received instructions to put together our best date night look. I was partnered with Meg and we both have long-term boyfriends, so our looks were a little more fashion-forward than what the dating pro recommended. Needless to say, our look did not win the competition…..but we are confident that our boyfriends would’ve loved the outfits we chose (haha!).

After some intense shopping, it was time for us to get our sweat on. The first stop was my new favorite workout in the world, Rumble Boxing. I never thought that boxing would be my thing, but I was wrong. The workout is really intense (shoutout to Andy for keeping me in check and motivated throughout the session), but definitely worth it. It is also really cathartic to punch something once in a while..who knew!
When our class at Rumble let out, it was time to relax with some hot yoga at Pure Yoga. I’m not kidding when I tell you guys that this was the largest, most bliss-ed out yoga studio I have ever been to in my life. There were tons of alcoves outfitted with sofas and pillows for you and your friends to just sit around and chill, which was much needed once we had been to back to back workout classes! 

We all went our separate ways, took a quick nap, then met up for dinner at Cafe Clover

Dinner there was incredible—I highly recommend the burrata biscuit—but we couldn’t take as many pictures as we could at Oficina because the lighting was a bit more dark and we didn’t want to disturb the other diners. After dinner, we headed  the rooftop of the James Hotel for a happy hour at Jimmy at the James. The rooftop has fab views of the entire city, and a small pool for summer’s warmer temperatures.


Stay tuned because part 2 of our staycation is coming soon!


Photos by Dan Wagner.


Huge thank you to everyone who gifted and hosted us for part 1 of our weekend: Deux Lux, Capsul Jewelry, Tula, Lilah B, Beauty Unboxed, B Floral, Bare Republic, Coola, Wen, Whimsy Fashion, Credo Beauty, Oficina 1M, Last First, Rumble Boxing, Pure Yoga, Cafe Clover, and Jimmy at the James—none of this would have been possible without you all, thank you!

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