Wednesday Wishlist: Rain Edition

It has been raining all week in NY, so I dedicated my Wednesday Wishlist this week to rainy day necessities! I’ve been searching for the most adorable rain gear on the internet so you can stay cute and dry this spring.

The first thing I think about when I wake up on a rainy day is how excited I am to use my boots. I’ve had the same pair of Hunter boots for years and they still look as good as new, but I’m definitely looking to change up my rain boot game for this spring.

Hunter Boot The Savvier1. I had to add a pair of Hunter’s to this list because I adore mine and can speak to the quality of these boots. What I like about this particular pair is the heel! These could be cute for every day, so your outfit won’t suffer due to the weather. Plus, if you’re the type of person who brings an alternate pair of shoes to work with your rain boots (aka me), you won’t have to lug around that extra pair because these can stay on your feet all day without making you look lame.


2. This next pair is all about style. These boots look like floral print Doc Marten’s, but they’re less than $20 and from Forever 21. Sold.


3. I guess I’m really into the Chelsea boot as a rain boot trend because I’m dying for a pair of these. I like that they come in gold and silver, I would definitely look forward to a rainy day with a pair of these.


4. This final pair is a little pricier than the rest, but the moto style is to die for. These look the least like rain boots out of all the boots on this entire list and I’m not mad about it. Rag and bone has knocked it out of the park yet again. The sizes here are limited, but it’s worth a shot because these boots will cement your cool girl style forever.

Ok, so you’ve got your rain boots…but what else are you missing? An umbrella? I’ve got you covered, hehe.


1. I have a thing for clear umbrellas, so this was a no-brainer for me. I’ve also been really into red lately, so the pop of red on this umbrella really drew me in.


2. Heart shaped things are the best things, so why not get an adorable heart shaped umbrella? I’m in love with this design, but definitely would like to see the size of it before ordering to make sure that I will be getting full coverage. Ha!


3. Ok so this is another birdcage umbrella, but the pattern on the bottom is soooo cute! I also just love Jack Wills and would use any excuse to slip this brand onto the blog.


4. If you want to add a little girliness to your umbrella, I have found the one for you! I adore the frill detail around the edge, just the perfect amount of flair without being over the top.

Now that you’ve got your boots and an umbrella, check out my picks for raincoats this spring.

TS11K03JWHT_Zoom_F_11. The navy details on this jacket are the cutest and I’m all about white outerwear. Most of my raincoats don’t have a hood for some reason, so I’m in the market for one that does. Keep in mind that this is a short jacket, so it won’t keep your pants dry.


2. Who can say no to a metallic gold raincoat?

You *finally* have all of your rain gear, but what about your rainy day attitude? Here are two of my favorite things for keeping the gray day blues away.


1. You can’t *not* smile when you look at this phone case. The creator is an artist I found through and I’m so happy I found her shop because I want everything. From duvet covers to sweatshirts, she designs it all.

2. My friend Chaz has been killing it on Soundcloud lately. His sets are great and the past two weeks he has been posting rainy day playlists, which are perfect to bump through your headphones while navigating the streets on a gray day. Check out the latest one right here.


I hope this keeps you covered for your next rain day; let me know in the comment section what your favorite rainy day gear is.


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