Become a chandler at Candlefish


Recently I’ve found that Sundays are best spent drinking rosé and making candles. If you’re looking to make this happen, Candlefish, a charming store on Wentworth St, is where your dreams can come true.


I decided to take the scented candle-making class with my friend Betsy! Upon arrival, we were told to don our chandler aprons and choose a station at the table so we could get started.


Cat (@ChandlerCatniss), the professional chandler who taught the class, asked us to go around in a circle and tell everyone what we would be if we were a scent (I chose gardenia). With all of this out on the table, it was time for us to choose our scents for the candles we were making! There were several scents lined up and we got to sniff them all! Cat told us that it was important to keep an open mind when smelling the fragrance oils. They were all labeled by number, not scent, so we could choose what we actually liked instead of what we thought we liked.


Once we each chose our fragrance, it was time to actually make the candles! Cat walked us through pouring the oil, heating up the wax, mixing it at just the right temperature and keeping our wicks straight. Betsy let me borrow her fabulous sweetgrass ring for the class; she had it made by one of the amazing basket ladies in Charleston.


We had to wait until the next day to pick up our cooled candles, but Cat left us with instructions on how to properly care for them so we burn them the right way and they don’t lose their scent.

If you’re in Charleston and want to find amazing candles or take a class like this, look on the Candlefish website for the schedule or stop in the store.


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