Busy in Bandier


So far, for me, 2016 has turned out to be an insanely busy year. This week has been my first full week in Charleston since December 22; I have been on the move! I spent the holidays in Wyoming, then hopped between New York and LA for a few weeks. Since I have been back in town, I have been running errands like a crazy person trying to get my life in order and this outfit has become my new uniform.


I picked it up at Bandier when I spent a short 24 hours in Dallas between Wyoming and New York. The leggings and shirt combo is one of my favorites – so comfortable and easy to go anywhere in. They both have enough detail in them that makes this look lean more towards an outfit than simply workout gear.


The sneakers I’m wearing are a go-to of mine. They’re New Balance and have fleece on them, which I think is adorable.


The backpack is one of my essentials. I used it all throughout my senior year of college and it was still in good enough shape for me to use while running around the set of the TV show I worked on! Woo! Unfortunately, lululemon doesn’t make this particular style anymore, but I have linked to one that is similar below.




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