Happy National Flair Day!

For the past few months I have been collecting enamel pins and today is national flair day, so I decided to share a post that shows some of them off! I’m also so obsessed with this pink moto jacket from ShopTobi.com, I couldn’t wait another day to share it with you guys. 

I paired the moto jacket with a purse from Oath & Stone, a local Charleston brand. Ugh, I’m still not over how amazing the color of this jacket is! I’ve wanted a blush pink moto jacket for a looong time. 

My earrings came from another local Charleston store, The Hidden Countship. They import the most fabulous items from Italy and have two of the kindest shop owners in town.

Some of my favorite pins are pictured here. I have my Ralph Lauren pin by Gym Standard, sold at Valley Cruise Press. It’s sold out, but keep an eye out because you never know when they’ll come back! I can’t find where I got my ‘Kitten’ pin right now but when I do I will update this post! It’s one of my favorites; if you can’t see it very well, it says ‘Kitten’ in the Barbie font. My “Zut Alors” pin was a gift from my BFF; she got it at colette when she was in Paris. Finally, I have on my newest pin; a cactus that says “don’t be a prick” from Marine Layer.

Photos by Current Visuals

Jacket//Jeans (from Maris DeHart)//Shoes (on sale!)//Clutch


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