Distressed Jeans Dressed Up

IMG_6438IMG_6440IMG_6449dallas-style-blog-the-savvier-6980IMG_6445IMG_6447dallas-style-blog-the-savvier-7014dallas-style-blog-the-savvier-6931IMG_6442IMG_6451This summer I have become obsessed with my distressed jeans, so I’m always looking for excuses to wear them everywhere. One way that I love to dress my jeans up for a night out is to pair them with heels and an Hermès scarf.

It’s so fun to find different ways to use these scarves, but I find myself wearing them as shirts often, especially in the summer when it’s so hot out! If you’re looking for inspiration on new ways to tie your scarves, check out the Hermès Silk Knots app!

Top//Jeans//Shoes (on sale!)


[Photos by Stephanie Drenka]

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