Fall Finds Under $150

Pack of Velvet Choker and Chain with Gold Details $19.90

I know this makes me basic but I LOVE fall. Like Amelia Diamond, I’m a sweaterpath and proud of it. Color changing leaves make me feel some type of way and the crispness in the air is second to none. In honor of my favorite time of year, I’ve rounded up a little bit of everything to get you guys as into the season as I am.

See, you don’t have to give up your open toe just yet! These Jeffrey Campbell mules are perfect for those who are vibing with a never-ending summer because of the open toe/heel and suede combo. Bonus: when you finally decide to get into the full fall spirit, you can pair these with some dope socks (like these) so your toes stay warm 🙂

I can’t say no to a top with a pussy bow. For real! Not just because they suddenly popped up in pop culture..I’ve loved them for a loooong time, see? This will take you right into fall, it’s perfect to pair with a suede skirt or flare jeans, trust.

This coat has it all: huge, white, plenty of pockets, plus a hood. I love the gold detail on the zipper and can’t believe this coat is only $129. You can bet that I’ll be taking a trip to Zara to try this on soon!

How awesome is this bomber?!! I love that the off the shoulder trend is continuing into fall, I think it’s so much fun. This pink is one of my favorite colors ever, I’m so happy it’s everywhere you look right now.

When I saw that Flores Lane had done a New York collection I was so excited. When I saw that they had one named after my neighborhood, I was even more excited! I haven’t ordered it yet but I’m planning on it and will update this post with how it smells 🙂 The website says it’s “an earthy blend of cedar wood, pine and citrus” which sounds appropriate for fall!

Capes are one of my favorite things to wear during this season – especially if they are checked! This one is reversible which is amazing because it’s like two capes in one. Pro tip: wear this when you travel because it can double as a blanket on a flight.

So apparently I can’t get through a post without a pair of sparkly shoes but that’s ok with me! These are amazing…I thought I didn’t have any room in my closet for silver sparkly shoes (I’m at 5 pairs and counting….) but these might have to become mine.

Out of everything in this roundup, these are my absolute favorites. Velvet jogging trousers are literally everything I’ve ever wanted. Period. If you want to be the most comfortable and chic person in the room, invest in these.

These chokers are soooo cute! I am obsessed with teensy stars so I was immediately drawn to these when I saw them on the Zara site. They inspired me to look for more star chokers and I found a ton of cute ones (here, here, here and here)

Let me know which of these are your favorites in the comments!



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