Gates of Charleston


The gates of Charleston are something that people all across the world come to the city to see. Gold Creations, a fantastic store located in the Charleston City Market, has come out with a collection of necklaces that look just like the gates found in our beautiful city, so you can always have one with you.IMG_8951IMG_8950IMG_8948

I decided to dress up my necklace, which is on a sterling silver chain made from Charleston Rice Beads, with a bunny mask that I recently picked up from H&M. The necklace is so versatile, you can wear it with literally anything! IMG_8870IMG_8962IMG_8906


The classical gate design found on my necklace is one of the most recognizable gates found in Charleston. I happen to live right across the street from one, so I really love this necklace because it reminds me of home.



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