Major ~Updates~

Phew, it has been a minute since I’ve been on here! My last “real” post on here was in 2017 but I’ve written and deleted countless drafts between now and then. My life has changed drastically since 2017; I’ve moved from NYC to Charleston full time and I am a few months away from moving in with my boyfriend!

We still have our dog, Gary, and I hope to share a lot more of our adventures down in Charleston through this website and through my Instagram.

I’m no longer working in the editorial space, which is why I’ve turned back to this website as a creative outlet and space to write and share my favorite finds. My career path has taken quite the turn and I am working in the costume department on a TV show that films in Charleston as a buyer. It’s my third year working on the show and my second season as a buyer, so I’m constantly shopping and cannot wait to share what comes across my path with you all.

If anyone is still here, thank you for sticking this out haha and if you are new, welcome!


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