New York Weekend Recap

I have been living in New York since February (!), so it was definitely time for some of my best friends from Dallas to come visit. Zoë, the author/photographer/professional “cool girl” behind Känsla, is hands down one of my favorite people to spend any weekend with. She is always down for anything and everything, whether it’s a picnic in the park or dancing until 4am under a thousand disco balls. It has taken me two weeks to get this post up because I am *still* recovering from all of the fun we had.


We started the weekend off at Le Bain and honestly this is the club I have been waiting for my entire life. Zoë, Martine and I danced in disco heaven next to a hot tub overlooking the city for hours. I would go back literally any night of the week. From here, we hit a couple of other bars, but Le Bain was definitely the highlight of our night.


The next night a big group of us hit up Vandal, one of the hottest spots in the city right now. We were lucky enough to sit in the Shepard Fairey room; he’s one of my favorite street artists and from my hometown! Our night at Vandal was amazing – we had a really long dinner and ordered almost everything on the menu. My favorite thing we ate was easily the crispy bao buns, but everything was worth a try. My drink of choice for the night was called Pushcart Wars – a blend of spicy tequila and currant tea that I want to drink every single night. Zoë and I used to drive 20 minutes outside of Dallas to get bubble tea, so it was only fitting that she got the spiced Thai bubble tea for dessert.


Saturday morning meant one thing to us: Sugar Factory. As Zoë mentioned in her weekend recap, the food was kinda meh but the drinks and our waitress were the BEST. The three of us split some sort of smoking, watermelon concoction and it was delicious. 10/10 would recommend. It was a good thing we had such a lighthearted morning in sugar land because the afternoon took a strange turn.. We went to one of my favorite art galleries in the city, David Zwirner, just to see what they had going on. We were chatting up one of the guys who works there as we waited in line and he seemed very surprised when we told him we hadn’t seen anything online. As music started blaring from inside the gallery and we heard the sounds of chains being dragged across the ground, we knew we were in for something unusual. I don’t want to spoil anything in case you guys decide to go, but we saw the Jordan Wolfson exhibit there and if you’re interested, it’s worth checking out just because it’s so different. IMG_1873IMG_1952IMG_1973IMG_1949IMG_2039IMG_2044

Zoë and I had to leave Martine after Sugar Factory because she was puppy-sitting for the weekend. We met up with one of Zoë’s most fab friends from SMU, Kevin Chung. He is an unreal photographer with the cutest lil face you’ve ever seen in your life! I’m so happy Z introduced us, I’m always looking for new friends in NY and he’s the sweetest. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing around downtown at my favorite place for sunglasses, RETROSUPERFUTURE, and the cutest little café, Smile to Go, with an amazing matcha latté and even better company. We also hit up the Magnum pop-up on Prince street where you can make your own ice cream bar! I covered mine in gold flakes and cornflower petals hehe.


Sunday, our last day together, was spent in Central Park exploring the Ramble, Shakespeare’s Garden and picnicking. I live right outside of Strawberry Fields, which was an easy meeting point for Zoë, Kevin and I. We listened to some music and observed two of the strangest dogs I’ve ever seen in my life before taking off into the “wilderness”. Kevin and I were both astounded when we heard running water and – get this – no car horns! Central Park is truly amazing and I’m vowing to spend more time there this summer. The visit was too short and I can’t wait for Zoë to come back soon (read: permanently).


Photos by Zoë Mattioli and Kevin Chung


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