Pimp My Desk

Now that I have (almost) two weeks of work under my belt it’s time to PIMP….MY….DESK!!!! My mission is to find cute office accessories that show my personality but that aren’t overwhelming…It’s *really* hard to hold myself back from hopping on Amazon and ordering as many Lisa Frank products as I can find.

I’m trying to balance practical with fun because right now my desk is seriously boring. Hopefully these picks will spice up my desk life while helping me out through the day.

Pimp My Desk
  1. Day Designer – If you follow me on Instagram, then you will know that I am obsessed with my Day Designer! I love mapping out every hour of my day and having to-do lists, so this planner is my dream come true.
  2. File Folders – Ooookay Kate Spade…If I wasn’t so committed to the other 5 items above (and had unlimited $$)  I would have ordered absolutely everything for my desk from their desk accessories section. From staplers to folio holders, Kate Spade has it all
  3. Tony Moly lotion – This is the one thing I have had on my desk since the day that I started. The cute little apple is adorable on its own, but when you smell the lotion that is inside you will be amazed. It’s not just apple scented, it smells like you literally just took a bite out of an apple! It’s totally crazy and something you *have* to experience.
  4. Magnets – Same as the tacks…I don’t think I can live without these. Just sassy enough to show my personality but tame enough that they aren’t offensive – perfect.
  5. Tape Dispenser – I mean a girl’s gotta tape…So why not tape with a unicorn?
  6. Maki Tacks I love sushi and I constantly need to tack phone numbers up on my desk at work, so this is obviously happening.

If you guys have anything on your desks that you can’t live without, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

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