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Yesterday I was sitting in a taxi in the rain thinking about why I have a blog. I have been posting on and off for almost two years, but I have never hit that stride where I’m posting consistently and steadily gaining followers and building a community. Since I moved to New York in February, it has gotten worse. I haven’t been too inspired to post anything, I don’t have time for photo shoots because of my job, and I just kind of lost all of my motivation. When I was in that taxi, I asked myself why anyone would even choose my blog over anyone else’s. It’s identical to almost every other blog on the internet and I find myself falling into the same routine when I write: using the same words and having the same emotion about everything. Nothing I was writing really made me feel anything. That’s where this post is different.

It all started when I saw a Victorian style shirt online. I was immediately obsessed with it and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I continued to online shop and noticed that I saw more and more pieces that had a romantic/goth vibe to them and my heart started racing. I kept scrolling on Moda Operandi and noticed that a lot of the clothes had this same vibe, so I started hoping to myself that fashion was shifting from boho to this subtle, beautiful, goth style. I was chatting with one of my best friends when I was like “oh duh this is why I have a blog. I’m going to write a post about it.”

So, I started gathering links to clothes that looked like the original shirt so I could make a post showing my favorite looks in this style. As I collected links, my mind was racing: what kind of phone case would the modern Victorian woman have? What would she wear to the beach? What makeup does she like to wear? What does she wear when she’s home alone? Does she shop online or in stores?

Suddenly, everything clicked for me. I realized that this is where my love of fashion and clothing mixes with my love for entertainment, television, and books: creating a character. I love that one day you can wear a leather mini with studded platforms and feel like Kate Moss and the next you can wear a floral maxi dress and have an entirely different personality.

SO, with all of that being said, I’m going to start posting once a week with something that I’ve found that really inspires me and I’m going to create a character around it. It could be just a shirt I found online or a style that I’ve noticed, and I’ll create a story around the girl who is wearing it. Sound fun? Let me know what you guys think. I’m excited to move forward.

Be on the lookout for the first of these posts in the next few days. And you can find the shirt that inspired it all here.


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