Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday. I always look forward to going home because my mom has the most gorgeous house, so our Thanksgiving table is always fairly photogenic. This year was no exception so I wanted to share pics and tips with you guys!turkey-painting-the-savvier-thanksgiving

We have this painting up all year long, but it’s particularly relevant this time of the year. Also, I can’t get over how cute this champagne tin is; I love the case so much! Veuve Clicquot rolled out a new holiday collection called ‘Journey’ this year, and I’m obsessed..thanks Mom! 🙂 collard-greens-thanksgiving-the-savvier

Ok…moving onto the more important parts: the food! This year we mixed making some things and buying some from Mercantile and Mash! My mom makes literally the best collard greens in the world – I don’t like them anywhere else. Pro tip: put butter on top of them at the end to make them extra shiny, like in this picture! cranberry-sauce-thanksgiving-the-savvier

I was in charge of making cranberry sauce this year! This is great for me because I usually don’t eat a lot of the cranberry sauce, but I love the way it smells so I was super happy to be in charge of this. The secret to amazing cranberry sauce is orange. I peeled tiny strings of orange peel and put them in the sauce to give it a little extra flavor, then in the end, I mixed in a little orange marmalade. Trust me.thanksgiving-table-the-savvierturkey-thanksgiving-table-the-savvierthanksgiving-tablescape-centerpiece-the-savvier

After the cranberry sauce was made, I ran off to sneak some pictures of the table before we sat down! How insane is this centerpiece?! I”m obsessed. I included the last picture so you guys can get a better look at the china, which is Henley by John Aynsley. The painting in our dining room is one of my favorites, we’ve had it forever and it’s actually a giant piece of vintage wallpaper! I want to have it in my home someday. thanksgiving-spread-the-savvier

By then everyone was starving, so I snapped a quick picture of the food on the counter and let everyone get started! thanksgiving-table-food-the-savvier

View from above. My mom collects little turkey salt and pepper shakers specifically for Thanksgiving! I think they’re so cute all over the table and the crystal turkey servers are just classic. wine-thanksgiving-omero-the-savvier

No Thanksgiving at our house would be complete without a LOT of wine. This year, we were drinking a pinot noir from Willamette Valley. Unfortunately, this was the last of this particular wine, but I have enjoyed everything I’ve had from Omero Cellars. The red we drank on Thanksgiving was special because the man who made the wine slept with the grapes every night to ensure that they were perfect. A little out there, but tbh it was some of the best wine I’ve ever had so maybe he’s onto something! thanksgiving-dessert-room-the-savvierdessert-table-thanksgiving-the-savviernutmeg-milk-punch-the-savvier-thanksgiving

My favorite part of my favorite day – dessert! We made an entire dessert table this year because we just couldn’t resist how pretty it looked! You can see that we used the orange that I peeled earlier in the cranberry sauce as a decoration. The sterling silver cups are out for milk punch, my mom makes a killer one. We keep nutmeg on the side so you can grind a little into your milk punch, soooo good. The silver cups are KEY because it keeps your drink unbelievably cold.


Hope you had a delicious Thanksgiving!



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