Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for you BFF and BF

Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly. I’ve been scouring the ‘net to find some great gifts for your BFF and your BF!
Valentine's Day for your BFF
Let’s start out with my picks for your BFF…
1. Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil – I have probably posted about this before but I will never stop recommending this for everyone. This bath oil makes your skin feel so soft and smells unreal! Perfect for the BFF who appreciates a hot bath after a long day.
2. Bouquet of Rosé Cardfineasslines is one of my favorite stores on Etsy. They are keyed in with pop culture and their cards always make me laugh out loud.
3. Gasoline Glamour Heart Sunglasses – TBH, I want these sunglasses for myself! They’re cute and festive for Valentine’s Day and beyond. I suggest snagging these for you *and* your BFF!
4. Love Potion Flask – If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I absolutely adore! This flask is no exception…I’d suggest getting this for the BFF who loves to party in style.
5. NCLA Heart Attack Nail Polish – I can’t get over how cute this nail polish is! It’s filled with teensy hearts to show your BFF just how much you love her.
Valentine's Day for your BF
And now for your BF! Don’t let all the hearts fool you – he’s going to love these.
1. Moscow Mule Mugs – I know, I know. These have been on everyone’s gift guides for the past year but I promise you this will not disappoint. My boyfriend is always looking to expand his Moscow Mule mug collection…according to him, more mugs means less time between doing the dishes…right? *sigh* Guy logic.
2. Homemade Hot Sauce Kit – If you’re looking to spice things up this year, get him a kit to make his own hot sauce!
3. Silk Heart Boxers – You can’t go wrong with silk boxers. Trust me.
4. Paul Smith London Tie – I love the way the hearts subtly blend in with the polka-dots; he’ll actually want to wear this tie.




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